Leadership Coaching

Fascinated by the power of the self-discovery process, I’m devoted to guiding an individual’s immersion into their character in order to reveal and then use talents and strengths to advantage. Being a Leadership Coach is an art that combines an accumulation of knowledge with the bedrock of experience. For the client, coaching is about gaining insight thus increasing self-awareness then using that knowledge to achieve desired forward movement. With fresh understanding, the client takes new, necessary steps toward targeted behavior change.

For Executives

  • Grow emotional intelligence to maximize impact
  • Work smart using talents, skills & energy to advantage
  • Move your career, your work, your colleagues forward
  • Successfully manage relationships
  • Learn to clarify misunderstandings and handle conflict

For Physicians

  • Clarify and solidify direction based on your values
  • Reverse impending burnout
  • Skillfully manage stress
  • Protect your boundaries
  • Pay attention to your energy and time


For beginning or advanced coaches

  • Grow your skills
  • Further develop your – self and other – awareness
  • Bring areas where you feel challenged and receive support in up-leveling your skill
  • Deepen possibilities for client progress

Integrative Health Coaching

  • Clarify health goals and begin doable action steps
  • Gain insight – strategize the next step – take action – move forward
  • We’ll translate your self-knowledge into awareness and action to achieve what you most want

My role as coach grows out of a long-held dual complementary skillset:

Extensive Coaching Experience

Pairing new learning and insight with action to help clients move forward, to navigate and achieve the best impact and influence professionally and personally.

Extensive Psychotherapy Experience

Increasing personal awareness and understanding in order to work through painful experiences and challenges, and facilitate personal growth.

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