Career Change & Transition

Finding a new job in your current field

  • Have you outgrown your job or realized it isn’t the right fit?
  • Do you need to get out before you burn out or are asked to leave?
  • Are you unsure where to begin or how to get past the anxiety of giving up a sure thing? 

My work is to help you navigate the change, up to and through the transition period, so you achieve excellent results. 

I will support you in:

  • Discovering what is most important, then taking action.
  • Skillfully and confidently preparing for interviews.
  • Coping with the stress of job change.
  • Onboarding, adjusting to and maximizing the possibilities of new roles.

I didn’t know whether to stay with my company or find a new job. I was deeply unhappy; I felt trapped, and lost. I came to Andrea with the question of finding my career path, but I ended up finding myself. With Andrea’s support I stepped back, looked at my life, and I didn’t like what I saw. I was suffering from near-constant migraines and high stress. Andrea helped me untangle the knots, which included my career path and what I ultimately wanted to do. We worked on better health habits which greatly diminished the migraines. I learned to set better boundaries at work. My focus and productivity increased while my stress level decreased. I worked fewer hours, but accomplished much more. I stopped trying to please everybody. I am more grounded and content. My problem wasn’t the job itself it was how I was living. I could not have done this without Andrea’s expert coaching. I needed the objective, thoughtful, and kind outside observer to help get me unstuck. She asked strong questions and gave honest feedback. Everyone needs an Andrea, someone who unconditionally supports them yet challenges and helps them find and act on solutions. I always felt Andrea in my corner, even at my worst. The cornerstone for me is being clear about my values and living those every day, including decisions I need to make on the job. The choice to receive coaching was the best investment in my life. I benefited far more than I ever thought and it has brought me lasting positive change. Right person, right time!

Tammy Klein, Consultant & Strategic Advisor, Providing Analysis & Intelligence on Transportation Fuels

Changing Careers & Finding Your Vocation

  • Have you known for too long your job isn’t right for you?
  • Do you know the new work you want to do, but not how to make it happen?
  • Are you dissatisfied, wanting to pursue your vocation, but don’t know what it is? 

If these questions resonate, you’re onto something important. It’s time to listen to you. Finding answers is central to your success. That is where I come in. You have the capacity. Let’s see what you need. 

I will support you in:

  • Discovering what interests you, and helping you move forward.
  • Realizing what is out of balance, understanding your dissatisfaction, and learning tools necessary to take next steps.
  • Taking time and space to hear what you most want, and beginning to create it.

I can help.

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