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For Physicians

Leadership Development And Coaching
for Physicians & Medical Professionals

I help physicians and medical professionals maximize skills and talents for their leadership roles and lives. Through our partnership, the individual engages in a thoughtful self-exploration of strengths and challenges which leads to engaging personal insight. Ultimately this growing self-awareness opens the way for positive behavior change, decreased stress, clearer thinking, and greater calm. The result is an enhanced leadership presence that blends with their skills and talent in order to have the greatest impact. 

Have you ever thought:

  • I don’t have time for myself. I’m racing to stay up with work demands; choosing to take care of me hasn’t felt like an option—but I’m snapping and fraying around the edges.
  • The speed at which medicine is going is not what I signed up for. I want to give my patients the time they need. I want to listen and hear the problem in their words.
  • I’m burned out, struggling with mounting responsibilities.
  • Certain colleagues act in challenging and petty ways. The culture can be harsh. I could use more confidence and skillfulness in managing difficult co-workers and situations.
  • Practicing in a hospital is, let’s face it, working in a bureaucratic, power-driven atmosphere. I know how to maneuver but I want to practice more medicine and less politics. 

In my journey as a new division chief, I had the great fortune of having Dr. Andrea Shaw as my executive coach for a year. She immediately facilitated a highly collaborative relationship in which I found her to be consistently accessible, nonjudgmental, and particularly effective. Andrea stimulated authentic reflection and taught me how to convert self-discovery into transformational change. I left each session with new insights and goals as well as specific action items geared to establishing new habits for conceptualizing, reacting, and behaving as an effective leader. Each increment of growth was meaningful personally, and impactful to my role as a new chief. We met weekly initially and less frequently as the year progressed. Each session built on the previous and incorporated new exploration while leaving time to address acute challenges. What emerged was a self-perpetuating process of self-awareness, an armamentarium of strategies with which to face new challenges, and the capacity to continuously grow as a leader. I am thankful to Andrea for enhancing my professional and personal life through this extraordinary coaching experience.

Howard W. Francis, MD, MBA, FACS | Professor and Chief, Division of Head and Neck Surgery & Communication Sciences Duke University Medical Center

Clients Gain:

  • Understanding and clarity about the importance of self-care; the doctor needs attention too.
  • Ways to resolve conflicts and differences with colleagues and staff at all levels.
  • Seeing how increasing self-awareness becomes a strength that leads to the creation of more meaningful work relationships and results.
  • Broadened, clearer leadership presence.
  • Greater confidence – from decision-making to authentic communication.
  • Deepened sense of mindful awareness; paying attention on purpose.
  • Clarity about your approach, methods, style, and needs.
  • Confidence to ask for what you want and need to provide the best care.
  • An objective sounding board, a confidante dedicated to your success. 
People are generally better persuaded by the reasons which they themselves have discovered,
than by those which have come into the mind of others. -Blaise Pascal, 17th C wisdom

Andrea’s executive coaching skills have helped me immensely. She guided me through stressful periods at work and home. Along the way, she helped me develop time-management skills, focus on what is important, and navigate personal and professional conflicts. Above all, she listens and helps me refocus my energy on the positive and productive areas of my life and career. I could not have made the progress I have without her professional help and advice.

David Murdoch, MD | Associate Professor of Medicine Duke University Medical Center

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