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I collaborate with executives. We clarify issues, some internal, others external. I support their ongoing thoughtful self-exploration. This leads to behavior change and growth of their skills and talents in order to maximize leadership impact and personal satisfaction. Stress reduction is almost always a factor in the work. For the executive and leader, I am a thoughtful, wise listener, offering well-delivered, straightforward feedback, a confidante, witness, and accountability partner.

Have you ever thought:

  • I’m stuck. It’s hard to admit but I need to change certain behaviors and habits.
  • I procrastinate; always need to be right; and I’m afraid to take risks, to stretch myself and my team. 
  • People tell me that I need to relax – be authentic – be straight with them. I thought I was!  
  • I have problems communicating.
  • How can I stop being so emotionally reactive or at least channel it better?
  • I avoid conflict. How can I learn to work with it?
  • I want a better career path in my specialty area.
  • I’m unhappy in my job, I need a better fit for me. 

I am the Director of a busy not-for-profit social service agency, and I reached out to Andrea after my husband suffered a serious medical event. Between a very demanding job, many professional commitments and the tasks that I needed to attend to in order to support my husband's recovery, I felt completely overwhelmed and in need of support and focus. I am generally a very organized and diligent professional who has extremely high standards for my work. Andrea has a very thoughtful, focused, stepwise approach to creating a path forward. She is a deep listener and a sensitive and attentive thought-partner. She did a marvelous job helping me to clear my thoughts, identify priorities and concrete steps to achieve them and to track my progress week by week. I am very grateful to her for her support at a time when I truly needed it. Presently, I feel far more comfortable, in control and optimistic that I can continue my successful path forward.

Julia Jean-Francois, PhD, LCSW | Director, Center for Family Life

Clients Gain:

  • Clarity of purpose.
  • Seeing how increasing self-awareness becomes a strength that leads to the creation of more meaningful work relationships and results.
  • Broadened, clearer leadership presence.
  • Greater confidence – from decision-making to authentic communication.
  • Deepened sense of mindful awareness; paying attention on purpose.
  • Greater understanding about the importance of demonstrating genuine concern for others.
  • Ability to cut through confusion and help your team understand not only their specific work, but how it fits into the overall big picture of the organization.
  • Freedom from worrying about how you “show up”.

Ready to maximize leadership, gain understanding, and decrease stress?

I can help.

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