Health Coaching Testimonials

Andrea's coaching enabled me to recognize what I wanted for myself and then develop a plan to get there.  She helped me articulate my vision of having a clean and organized living and working space . . . for myself. Her questions led me to dive deep to really grasp what was important about that. I'd been doing things for others, the "outside", and now my motivation was coming from within.  Initially, I was overwhelmed. I didn't know where to start or how best to spend my time. Andrea's powerful questions helped me to learn about myself, my drivers and my barriers. Her suggestion to start with one small step changed the way I do things and get them done. I began by simply keeping one counter-top clean . . . all the time, no exceptions. That was the catalyst which launched the feelings of being responsible, of caring for my home and myself and flowed into other areas of my environment. My values of responsibility, good stewardship and respect were finally active.  Andrea's thoughtful inquiry took me forward to a more responsible and self honoring way of being.  Her intuition, skill at reading energy, genuine interest and listening skills, created the foundation for a trusting coach-client relationship.  She truly is a master coach.

Chandra White, Integrative Health Coach
Greer, South Carolina

I lost 100lbs in eight months in 2004, it’s still off, and I could not have done this without Andrea Shaw:  She was a fabulous coach for me.  Our work gave me the foundation I needed to take care of myself for life.

As the weight was coming off, one day I bent down and I realized that I could tie my shoes again, without pain.  A miracle?  No.  Hard work, with a great collaborative partner, you bet!  I knew that I had to do the work.  I never realized how important having a coach was.  Her consistent interest, encouragement and support really made the difference.  I owe my success to her.
She asked me great questions, which helped me think about things in new ways.  That led me to new behaviors.  She knew my concerns, and she was ideal to bounce ideas off of.  I always felt accepted and encouraged.  Never judged.  I began learning other approaches.  I felt accompanied.  We’d think things through together, and she’d be there with kindness, yet also with an eye toward whether I did what I said I would.  If I got off track, she’d nudge me back.  She was my ideal partner.
Over the course of eight months, I learned how to eat correctly, to exercise, to manage stress, to work things out in relationships when I was bothered by something.  My work with Andrea Shaw, at Duke’s Integrative Medicine, was a totally positive, life-changing experience. 
I would recommend her to anyone.  She’s very calm, not judgmental, very sweet and open.  This is strength.  She knows her stuff.
Dee Dee McClean, Pharmacy Technician at Duke Medical Center
Participant in a multidimensional Integrative Medicine intervention to improve cardiovascular risk





I contacted Andrea to address several health challenges. I have a chronic auto-immune disease with impaired cardiac function that was impacting my daily energy levels, caused significant insomnia and general malaise.   Because I constantly felt fatigued and overwhelmed, I was having difficulty managing my personal and professional obligations and really wasn’t enjoying my life.  One of my goals in working with Andrea included developing a schedule that allowed me to manage my work and home calendar successfully without completely overdoing one day and crashing for the next three.

I was hesitant to commit to life coaching as it was a significant expense.  It turned out to be an excellent decision and a wise investment; I continue to reap benefits daily from our coaching (nearly 6 years after the experience.)  We worked on establishing better sleep hygiene by tweaking my diet, modifying when I exercised and the type of exercise I did.  Andrea helped me to learn to gently but firmly say no to work and social activities that didn’t support the changes I was making.  Together we problem solved how to increase my energy levels by making modifications to my daily routine.  It helped to feel that I had someone who empathized with my challenges and was on my side working through them.

After several years of implementing the good sleep hygiene and the revised daily routine, my insomnia is essentially gone.  I have stuck with and enhanced the dietary changes we implemented and because of that my overall health and cardiac function has improved.  

When I started coaching, my husband and I didn’t think we were going to be able to have children.  I was  deeply sad, but was trying to come to terms with not being a mom.  Due to the improvements in my health, sleep and energy levels, we decided to have a baby.   Maintaining the positive changes I made through coaching is even more imperative now and that has allowed me to successfully manage a household and be a mother.  I wouldn’t be where I am in my life without the coaching that I did with Andrea.  I am very grateful for all of her wisdom, patience, guidance and encouragement.     

Danielle Holthe, California