Executive Coaching Testimonials

Andrea was, in my opinion, born to coach.  Her intuitive, practical and encouraging approach is enormously valuable to me.  She gives no-nonsense help.  She has a wide breadth of knowledge, and a tremendous capacity to understand and quickly synthesize.  She is one of those uniquely talented individuals who provides skillful, focused attention on all aspects of management, which, in my opinion, includes the internal condition of the leaders.

I receive focused and straightforward feedback from Andrea.  She always coaxes me to reflect on my values and to stretch beyond where I would have gone myself.  She helped me discover better ways of organizing my professional life, which has greatly reduced my stress level.  Andrea is fantastic at quickly and skillfully helping me clarify my thoughts, and improving my communication with, and leadership of, the president and Board of Directors. 

She is the most effective and skilled consultant with whom I have worked.  Without doubt, she is one of the leading executive coaches. I recommend her without hesitation to anyone who wants to develop his or her full potential as a leader.  
Billie Straub, CEO, The Training Network, www.trainingnetwork.com

Andrea is expert at helping me identify career challenges and designing solutions to help me resolve them. Understanding the psychology of my workplace and how I fit within it is her special skill. With creativity and integrity, she sees both the intentional and unintentional patterns of behavior that keep me from achieving my professional goals, and helps me create new patterns to overcome those barriers.

Patricia Roesler, Deputy Director
North Carolina Association of County Commissioners 

Andrea is a passionate advocate for me. I experience her as focused, determined, and sincerely devoted to helping me achieve what I want. She utilizes her perception and experience to help me unlock answers to the challenges I face. Her warmth, humor, and candor make this journey of self exploration richly rewarding and always worth it. I have gotten stronger, clearer, happier and calmer in the six months we've been working together. I have made steady and significant progress towards my goals. Our weekly sessions always provide me with deeper insight and motivation to take meaningful action.

CEO, Software Development Company, Massachusetts.

Andrea brings people to their deepest sense of self. From that position of confidence, executives learn to expand their leadership skills, moving others to manage with empathy and trust. She inspires, stretches and persuades leaders in all levels of management to go beyond business as usual.
Andrea is a coach's coach! She walks her talk with integrity and lightness.  I have found her to be true to her highest principles and capable of listening with such attention and acute engagement that my own thinking and wonder is improved, enhanced and taken to the next level...every time! I never fail to leave a conversation with Andrea without knowing that she brings me home to myself!
Sande Churchill, PhD, MCC
Executive and Personal Coach

Andrea helped me to realize that in order to reach my goals it was time to leave my then position. That freed me to pursue other opportunities that would help me to fulfill my wants, needs, and desires. At the executive level, making that kind of shift can be a daunting task. I applaud Andrea for her ability to assist me in putting all of the issues in sharp relief while helping me to find the courage to seek my true passion. She has many talents and so much skill.  She provided tools that made my transition from corporate executive to entrepreneur, not only possible, but deeply satisfying and life sustaining. I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to make life changes.
Jock Putney, Montclair, NJ
Founder & CEO, Somna Corporation

I contacted Andrea to address several health challenges. I have a chronic auto-immune disease with impaired cardiac function that was impacting my daily energy levels, caused significant insomnia and general malaise.   Because I constantly felt fatigued and overwhelmed, I was having difficulty managing my personal and professional obligations and really wasn’t enjoying my life.  One of my goals in working with Andrea included developing a schedule that allowed me to manage my work and home calendar successfully without completely overdoing one day and crashing for the next three.

I was hesitant to commit to life coaching as it was a significant expense.  It turned out to be an excellent decision and a wise investment; I continue to reap benefits daily from our coaching (nearly 6 years after the experience.)  We worked on establishing better sleep hygiene by tweaking my diet, modifying when I exercised and the type of exercise I did.  Andrea helped me to learn to gently but firmly say no to work and social activities that didn’t support the changes I was making.  Together we problem solved how to increase my energy levels by making modifications to my daily routine.  It helped to feel that I had someone who empathized with my challenges and was on my side working through them.

After several years of implementing the good sleep hygiene and the revised daily routine, my insomnia is essentially gone.  I have stuck with and enhanced the dietary changes we implemented and because of that my overall health and cardiac function has improved.  

When I started coaching, my husband and I didn’t think we were going to be able to have children.  I was  deeply sad, but was trying to come to terms with not being a mom.  Due to the improvements in my health, sleep and energy levels, we decided to have a baby.   Maintaining the positive changes I made through coaching is even more imperative now and that has allowed me to successfully manage a household and be a mother.  I wouldn’t be where I am in my life without the coaching that I did with Andrea.  I am very grateful for all of her wisdom, patience, guidance and encouragement.     

Danielle Holthe, California