Career Coaching Testimonials

It is with great pleasure that I reflect on my year of coaching with Andrea Shaw. Each week she and I would meet by phone to discuss the topics/issues/priorities of my choosing. Andrea has a special ability to listen in a way that allows you to connect with your true self. She is a steady, insightful and supportive coach. I liked the way she helped me to uncover new perspectives on situations.

During the coaching process, there are bound to be times when you hit an obstacle. When I hit a slump, Andrea helped me re-focus and get back on the path, my path. Her suggestions would allow me to start again with a fresh perspective. Andrea has the ability to build trust. Although my initial intention was to identify new job search methods, I gained so much more from our coaching work. I developed a fully updated strategy for my job search -- one that is customized and just right for me. Plus, I developed confidence in my ability to network -- a by-product that I will use for job searching and beyond. Most importantly, I learned how to "follow the energy" meaning to listen for what resonates with me and do that. The coaching partnership and rapport, is a special one. Andrea paid attention and took the time to understand me. I feel lucky to have found her. I am better (and more 'me') as a result of our work together.

 - Pam Leonard, Human Resources Manager, Houston, TX

“You are spectacular at what you do!”

– Ian Florian,  M.Ac., M.Ac.(UK), Dipl.Ac.(NCCAOM), MBAcC, L.Ac.(NC)
Acupuncturist, Durham, NC. 

This is my tribute to my coach:
Andrea Shaw is a coach's coach. She is skilled. She is sincere. She excels at the essentials: pace, wit, intelligence, tenacity, a sense of humor. But she brings more than merely that to the task. She tracks what you say like a GPS and makes unexpected connections between things that might otherwise escape your notice. What sets her apart even more, though, is substance and perspective—even wisdom. She has a point of view that cuts through the clutter to get right at what needs attention. But at the same time that she keeps you on task she somehow expands your horizons in the process. A lot of people talk about reaching goals and fulfilling potential. Andrea, in unexpected ways, helps you see more of your potential–even helps you redefine what potential is. And one final thing–in a warm, non-aggressive way, she is completely comfortable calling you on your dodges.

– Psychologist, California

Andrea is intelligent, focused, and extremely good at what she does!  An excellent listener, with a fine-tuned capacity to ask just the right question which enables me to see my next step or clarify a point of difficulty.  She has excellent business savvy, she’s a motivator, has a strong, relevant professional background, great credentials, and she’s very caring. With a candid, objective, and totally supportive approach, she encourages my strengths, and has a nonjudgmental way of pointing out weaknesses.  She helps me look at the immediate ‘smaller’ picture, but never forgets my bigger goals.  I’ve recommended Andrea to others, and I observed that she builds high-value, rewarding relationships with all who are lucky enough to work with her.

Gay Enright
Landscape Designer/Office Manager

My wife gave me coaching sessions with Andrea as an early birthday present.  We had our first child about 8 months before, about the same time I had started a new position at work.  Between fatherhood and the responsibilities of a difficult new job that where I lacked experience and had to travel often, I watched the happiness leak out of my life.

By the time I started working with Andrea, I had pretty much given up on doing the things I loved.

With Andrea's help and guidance, I regained the agency over my life and reconnected with many of the activities I find vital and important.  I also turned around my problematic working situation and found a new job that better fits my needs.  And I lost ten pounds. 

Most importantly, I developed specific tools for dealing with my life and goals, in a sustainable way that takes care of my needs and also the needs of those who depend on me.

Whit Morriss, Nashville, TN

Andrea has an easy, empathic way, but at the same time, she keeps a balanced and objective view.  I find her kind when I am hard on myself.  She stays balanced in my successes and failures, my highs and lows.  In the best way, she doesn’t put up with much whining, which I find supportive and a breath of fresh air.  She has an intelligent way of thinking.  I like having her intelligence working on my behalf.  Also, she is creative: She tries to approach the problem and the solution from different angles.  It seems to me that change needs to happen with emotional and mental buy-in, as well as just physical actions, and she works on all three levels.

Lastly, as a coach, she became my friend in a true way: I feel her sincerely devote her fine attention and energy to helping me achieve my goals.
– Ken Gorfkle, Real Estate Developer, Chapel Hill, NC