Group for Leaders: Executives and Professionals

  • Are you an accomplished professional who knows that you’d benefit from enhancing your emotional balance and awareness skill set?
  • Do you ever feel stuck in behaviors that don’t bring desired results?
  • Would you like to choose maximally effective yet authentic approaches that would orient you and/or colleagues toward greater productivity and effectiveness?

The Real Story on Stress Management for Women

Do you:

  • Work terribly long hours?
  • Find yourself struggling to handle the challenges of each day?
  • Feel tired, overwhelmed, unhappy, with no time to take care of your health?

Would you like to be able manage the situation instead of letting it manage you? 

MasterMind Group

According to Napoleon Hill in his book classic Think and Grow Rich, which calls the all-time bestseller in the personal success field,

“MasterMind is the coordination of knowledge and effort,
in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people,
for the attainment of a definite purpose...
When two minds come together a third, intangible, invisible force is created.”

Telephone Coaching Groups

A telegroup simply means that we meet on the phone. I provide a telephone bridge (conference) line that everyone calls into. We have groups, meetings, training, and classes, all from the comfort of our offices or homes.

What are the benefits of a telegroup?

  • Saving time: Call into a telephone conference line from your office or home.
  • Convenience: No driving, traffic or parking.
  • Comfort: Come as you are!
  • Support: Though everyone on the call has a situation unique to them, all members want to learn and grow. This is an opportunity to realize that you’re not alone, and not the only person who feels ‘that way’. Even though we’re on separate phones, participants report that they feel very comfortable and connected to the community that forms in our time together.
  • Being guided: By an experienced group leader.
  • Participation: The groups are often highly interactive. You’re free to join in as you wish.
  • Connection: Enjoy the openness and trust that develop over time. From this secure base, rich conversations and inspirational changes occur.
  • Learning: You get the benefit as each member explores and deals with challenges with the shared goal of learning, shifting patterns, and moving forward.
  • Individual attention: You have plenty of time to work on your concerns, and you will benefit while others are working on what is important to them.