Mentor Coaching


A mentor coach is an expert who provides wisdom and guidance based on their experience to enhance the coach’s skills. Mentoring includes feedback, advising and at specific moments, coaching.  A good mentor is responsible for listening to the mentee’s coaching, assessing their skill level, and creating a collaborative partnership for working together to support the coach’s growth.

When To be mentored?

  • If you are working on becoming, upgrading, or renewing your coaching credential (for an International Coach Federation certification or another coaching body) and need a certain number of mentor sessions to qualify for the process. 
  • If you want to be an even better coach, have personalized attention to and feedback on your specific ways of working, gain insight on your coaching style and heighten your impact. 
  • If you want to learn new approaches or incorporate different perspectives.

Mentees Gain:

  • Deepened knowledge about your coaching and your impact as a coach.
  • The opportunity to explore strengths and areas for improvement in a safe relationship with an experienced colleague. 
  • Immediately applicable, honest feedback contoured to you.
  • A learning-filled, supportive relationship where you can accrue the mentoring hours you need to become a certified coach or renew your credential at a higher level.
  • Increasing solidity in your skills and approach.

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